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lipsense mrsmay mouthsense
lipsense mrsmay mouthsense
lipsense mrsmay mouthsense
lipsense mrsmay mouthsense
lipsense mrsmay mouthsense
LipSense® liquid lip colors are offered in a wide variety of captivating shades, allowing for carefree beauty that lasts throughout your day! Use three layers of an individual shade, or layer a combination to create your own signature color. LipSense® liquid lip color comes in a beautiful .25 oz tube.
LipSense lipcolor is available in 83 wonderful shades!
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Our Glossy Gloss, Pearl Gloss, and Matte Gloss are offered in a variety of succulent looks to moisturize and texture your lips for any occasion and all types of weather! Use any of these products alone, but most importantly, they must be applied on top of the third layer of any LipSense® shade to keep the lips moist and the advanced color technology of the LipSense® color pigment holding. The lip gloss product is an important part of the lip coloring system and should be applied throughout the day for optimum product performance. LipSense® Moisturizing Gloss comes in a beautiful .25 oz tube.
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Line and define with our versatile lip lining colors, designed to blend and complement all the LipSense® shades. LinerSense® comes in a beautiful .125 oz tube.
LinerSense Lip-Liner

qty: $20.00

The MakeSense™ Foundation delivers a flawless, water resistant finish, while providing non-smearing, long-lasting coverage that will keep your skin looking radiant and beautiful! This incredible foundation with SenePlex™ is the base which sets up long lasting color technology of our SenseCosmetics™. The MakeSense™ Foundation comes in a beautiful 1 oz pump bottle. MakeSense™ is formulated to be used with the SeneDerm™ SkinCare System to provide maximum benefits and optimum results.
MakeSense Foundation

qty: $45.00

BlushSense™ by SeneGence™ incorporates the same SenePlex™ proprietary formulation and advanced color technology as the MakeSense™ Foundation, Blender, and ShadowSense™. The SenePlex™ in this gorgeous array of blush colors allows for another layer of protection, nourishment, and beauty to your face. Once again, co-creating healthier skin with a glamorous look that glows is the mission of this incredible CosmetiCare system! BlushSense™ comes in a beautifully functional .25 oz tube.
BlushSense Blush

qty: $20.00

The SenseCosmetics™ Corrective Color Concealer allows you to highlight and conceal by blending with your own shade of the MakeSense™ foundation. Blend those imperfections into beautiful with the SenseCosmetics™ Corrective Color Concealer by SeneGence®.
Corrective Color Concealer

qty: $20.00

SeneDerm® Translucid Loose Powder sets makeup, blots shine, absorbs oil and perspiration and leaves skin looking lightly matte, satin smooth and elegantly finished. Choose a powder tone close to your own skin color. Available in Light, Medium or Dark tones they are perfect for anyone, any game, anytime! Use as a finishing product over SeneDerm® SkinCare and MakeSense™ Foundation. SeneDerm® Translucid Powder is so light and fine, you won’t even know you have it on, but will see the difference when you stay shine free – a perfect finishing touch to any look!
SeneDerm Loose Powder

qty: $40.00

ShadowSense™ incorporates the same SenePlex™ proprietary formulation and advanced color technology as our MakeSense™ Foundation, Blender,and BlushSense™. The SenePlex™ formulation of ingredients found in ShadowSense™ have the ability to nourish and protect the eyelid area. We have created an eye shadow that not only beautifies, but cares for and protects the sensitive and fragile skin on your eyelids. Co-creating healthier skin with a look that lasts throughout the day is the mission of our incredible CosmetiCare technology. In a gorgeous array of colors, ShadowSense™ with SenePlex™ not only creates an exquisite look, it wears long and true. ShadowSense™ comes in a beautiful .25 oz tube
ShadowSense Eyeshadow

qty: $20.00

Put it to the test! You will find the “eyes” will definitely have it when you use our amazing waterproof and smudge proof liquid eyeliner available in hues that complement all eye colors. Lines easily and holds firmly! EyeSense™ comes in a beautiful .125 oz tube
EyeSense Eyeliner

qty: $20.00

Our innovative liquid brow coloring technology not only has incredible staying power, but our shades create a beautiful and natural look you will love! A two in one application tool adds and blends perfect color. BrowSense® comes in a beautiful .125 oz tube
BrowSense Brow Enhancer

qty: $20.00

Create a look that flatters when you flutter with our lovely LashSense® shades. Remember, our mascaras won’t run away even during the weepiest movies. It goes on and holds on! LashSense® comes in a beautiful .25 oz tube
LashSense Mascara

qty: $20.00

Lipsense Color Chart
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Trusted and secure, MrsMay is an Independent Distributor of Nailtek, Lipsense and Frownies to thousands of loyal, satisfied customer with daily white glove service. Age gracefully with Frownies, the wrinkle remover of Hollywood. MrsMay also offers Lipsense all day lipcolor. Why? It makes sense! Be sure to stop by Turtle Pond Wines for fun! All Lipsense products from Senegence International!
Trusted and secure, MrsMay is an Independent Distributor of Nailtek, Lipsense and Frownies to thousands of loyal, satisfied customer with daily white glove service. Age gracefully with Frownies, the wrinkle remover of Hollywood. MrsMay also offers Lipsense all day lipcolor. Why? It makes sense! Be sure to stop by Turtle Pond Wines for fun! All Lipsense products from Senegence International!

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LipSense Long Lasting Lipstick by SeneGenceLipSense Long Lasting Lipstickby SeneGence

The premier product of SeneGence®, LipSense® is an amazing departure from conventional lipsticks, stains and colors. It should only be applied on clean, dry lips. Your perfect pout is waterproof and will not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off! We challenge you to put your pout to the test - kiss away! Create your own recipe for beauty and customize your color palate by combining shades that are rich and solid, sheer and shimmery, vibrant, shiny or frosty.

Our commitment to you:
Many lip products claim to be long lasting; however, LipSense® not only outlasts the competition, our unique product is waterproof and does not smear off, rub off, nor kiss off! Imagine, kissing your loved ones and your lip color not transferring onto them! As you swim, sweat, eat, and drink, your color is still on your lips! Feathering and bleeding into lip lines is gone forever, and the embarrassment of lipstick on your teeth is nowhere to be seen! And kiss those dry cleaning bills good-bye, because your clothes are safe with all of our advanced color product technology!

How it works:
Because of the waxes and emulsifiers contained in most lip colors, they easily come off onto cups, clothes, teeth, and skin. LipSense® is a liquid color pigment that has no moisturizers or emulsifiers in it. Once three layers of the color pigment is on and dry, it is then covered separately with one of our Moisturizing Glosses, containing Shea Butter. This key ingredient allows the gloss to penetrate the color and keep the lips moist, without lifting the color. The longer you use the LipSense® products the softer, moister, and fuller your lips become!

We have over 50 beautiful long-lasting LipSense colors, including Sheer Berry, Fire-n-Ice, Beige Champagne, Currant LipSense, Praline Rose, RoseBerry, Pink Champagne, Dusty Rose, Samon LipSense, Rose Ice, Blu-Red, Persimmon, Brick LipSense and many more. Additionally our moisturizing glosses improve the long-lasting effect of LipSense liquid lip color , SeneGence Glossy Gloss leaves a shiny luster, our Pearl Gloss creates a shimmering, special occasion top coat. Click here to buy LipSense products now.

Application of LipSense Long Lasting Lipstick:

Apply in one direction from the outside corner of the mouth in a fluid, sweeping motion. Let each layer dry for 3-5 seconds before applying the next layer. The long-lasting properties of LipSense are enhanced by our moisturizing glosses that will keep your lips moist, plump and protected.

Clean lips first - LipSense® Liquid Lip Color must be applied to clean dry lips. Define lips - for a more defined, finished look, we suggest first lining your lips using one of our beautiful shades of LinerSense®. LinerSense® is designed to blend and compliment all the LipSense® hues. LinerSense® must be shaken prior to application. Apply color onto the sable brush, and begin application to the outer corner of your lower lip, moving the color in one direction. Repeat this process for the upper lip.

LipSense® Layering technique - LipSense® Liquid Lip Color must be shaken prior to application. LipSense® is applied by using a layering technique. Three layers is the recommended amount for maximum staying power. After placing color onto the wand, begin your application at the corner of your mouth, using the longest length of the applicator.

Keep your lips apart, and follow the natural shape of your lips. Apply the color, moving it in one direction versus going back and forth like you would with lipstick.

Let each layer set for a few seconds before proceeding to the next. When you have completed the application of the third layer of color and the color has set, apply one of the Moisturizing Glosses over the final layer.

After applying the gloss, you may press your lips together and enjoy the glorious look and feel of this long lasting, advanced color technology!

Tips and hints:

1) Be sure to keep your lips apart while applying LipSense® and resist the urge to press your lips together like you would with regular lipsticks. Pressing the lips together is not necessary to disperse the color, and it may create a tacky feel to you.

2) You may feel a slight tingling sensation, and if so, it is just an indication that your lips are dry. Once you apply the Moisturizing Gloss, any tacky or tingling feeling will subside immediately. After using the products for a few weeks, your lips should become beautifully conditioned and all tingling should subside. Just be sure to re-apply the gloss product throughout the day to keep the color fresh and your lips conditioned.

3) Create your own custom shades by layering a combination of different colors. LipSense® Classic Colors, Highlighters, and Shimmers blend together so easily and beautifully, you can create a versatile wardrobe of lip color like no other!

LipSense Alabama  •  LipSense Alaska  •  LipSense Arizona •  LipSense Arkansas  •  LipSense California
LipSense Colorado  •  LipSense Connecticut  •  LipSense Delaware  •  LipSense Florida  •  LipSenseGeorgia
LipSense Hawaii  •  LipSense Idaho  •  LipSense Illinois  •  LipSense Indiana  •  LipSense Iowa
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LipSense South Dakota  •  LipSense Tennessee  •  LipSense Texas  •  LipSense Utah
LipSense Vermont  •  LipSense Virginia  •  LipSense Washington  •  LipSense Washington DC
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